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Table of Contents

Portal Documentation

1. Introduction

Open Source & Powerful. OpenVisu-Portal is a Single place for integrating the Data & Web-Visualization of all servers

1.1. Architecture

OpenVisu-Portal is a web-based docker container software with real-time influxDb database. It receives the sensor and actuator data through OPC-UA protocol and provides a secure access on decentralized and distributed plants both locally or remotely.

1.2. Requirements

OpenVisu-Portal is a docker Container software that can be simply installed on any device with the following minimum requirements :

1.3. Problem

Small to medium infrastructures (schools, Shopping malls, Public Buildings,…) often ignore Scada system because of the Price and new regulations that require manufacturer-independent systems.

The cheapest SCADA/HMI options in the market

  • start at +500 € per license or Yearly subscription fee
  • are limited for the number of Data and Users.
  • require a new license for any new project, user or device, which increases the cost to couple of Thousands.
  • use the old designs or lack some of the basic but important features like Trends & Event management
  • often require heavy installation with several plugins or other dependencies
  • do not support the industrial OPC UA protocol
  • are manufacturer-dependent and not open-source
  • are complex, require programming knowledge and not user friendly

Therefore there is a huge demand for a Visualization portal that addresses all these issues.

1.4. Solution

Single place for integrating the Data & Web-Visualization of all servers :

  • Completely Free, Open Source & Manufacturer-independent
  • Docker Container & web-based Portal
  • Light-weight installation, No Plugins & No Maintenance
  • Easily scalable & open to community-based development of new features.
  • Simultaneous connection to Multiple OPC UA Data Sources
  • No programming required & No Data and User limitation
  • Auto-Discovery of Nodes & Logging the data into InfluxDB Database
  • User management, Alarm management, Historization, Scheduler, Trend, Notification & PDF Display
  • Status Monitoring of Servers
  • Dashboards: iFrames, Charts, Graphs, Tables, Maps, Value Displays, SVG Images, Texts & …
  • Reusable through Import/export of Project and Configurations

1.5. Objectives

Create a Web Portal for Quick Visualization of Multiple OPC-UA Based Controllers :

  • Connecting the Controller to the Portal by entering the OPC UA Address
  • Data are Auto discovered by Portal, Filtered by the User and Logged in InfluxDB
  • Web Visualization Pages of the Individual Controllers are automatically shown in Organized Iframe pages
  • Alarms for each Controller are forwarded and merged inside the Portal
  • History List to view and search Through Data
  • Scheduler to create Events and Trigger Functions
  • Creating Dashboards with Iframes, HTML5 Charts & Graphs, Tables, Maps, Value Displays, Images & etc
  • Status Monitoring of Controllers
  • Importing/Exporting the Full project as a whole or part including all the configuration Files.
  • Open Source Portal in Container

1.6. Organization

OpenVisu-Portal will soon have the following structure after the first release. Interested developers can participate in further developement of the portal through Github while users create their own projects and make recommendations.